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The Darien Gap is a 100-mile stretch of impassible land and swamp spanning Panama and Colombia, full of rough terrain, poisonous animals, and unwelcoming indigenous tribes. There have been fewer recorded vehicular crossings than there have been landings on the moon. This impasse is the only thing preventing a continuous roadtrip from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

Darien Group was founded to bridge major gaps in investment management branding and communications.

The dangers presented by these gaps are not mortally perilous. But the lack of effective communications resources and solutions can be a real obstacle to the strategic objectives of intrepid General Partner firms. And an uninhabited or unkempt brand landscape may give otherwise-interested key audiences, such as investors or asset sellers, reason to circumnavigate.

We seek to span two functional gaps for our clients:


The Service Gap

There is no shortage of able creative services firms of various specializations. There are also qualified communications consultants serving the financial services industry. The overlap between the two, however, has always been difficult to find. The result: inefficient brand-building processes for GPs working with uninitiated marketers and/or lack of access to contemporary creative talent.


The Resource Gap

Responsibility for an investment manager's brand and communications program tends to fall somewhere between its leadership, its investor relations professionals, and external advisors such as legal counsel and placement agencies. Often, each of these parties has more critical responsibilities demanding their attention than focused improvement of messaging or visual brand.

Using our approach we deliver every project with the following process:


To best learn about how your firm operates, the Darien Group staff conducts interviews with influential team members to gather any and all relevant details. After learning about the core foundations of your firm, Darien Group will craft a message that is both accurate and congruent with its corporate culture.

Following the interviews, Darien Group’s creative team works with your firm and amongst itself to establish the project’s narrative and visual direction. This part of the process is highly collaborative and ensures that both your firm and Darien Group are in agreement as the project moves forward.

In the subsequent weeks, Darien Group will work with the visual and written outlines established to produce cohesively branded and on-message content for your firm. The process generally takes about four weeks per project, and results in communications material that your firm can feel confident presenting to potential investors, partners, or clients.

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