Part II – What Do We Care About / Why Do We Do This?

March 2, 2017

Charlie Ittner

We Care About Storytelling

We believe in the innate power of stories, and that this way to connect with people has been underemployed in the investment management industry during its history.

We do not think a firm’s track record should stand on its own, even if it can. Qualitative context can enhance investors’ understanding of quantitative performance history.

We are a team of people with backgrounds in ‘right brain’ disciplines – literature, journalism, sociology, art, film, and design – which means storytelling comes quite naturally. Our capabilities are often a strong complement to investment management teams rich in ‘left brain’ talent.

We Enjoy Brand Development

We love the process of interviewing new clients, working through their existing marketing materials, and workshopping new concepts and strategies. This foundational discovery work is critical to lay foundations for each piece of work that follows.

We Love Working With Our Clients

Meeting and getting to know people in our industry in different parts of the country and the world, investing in different asset classes and niches of those asset classes, using different strategies and processes – this is the most intrinsically interesting part of our work. We are a team of naturally intellectually curious people who love learning new things continuously as we engage with new and existing clients.

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